The mission of Faith For Today Christian Ministries is to be a bible-based teaching ministry that teaches the average Christian believer bible-based faith principles. Our tag line is “Where We Provide Faith Principles To Empower Godly Living” which is the brand for the ministry.

Rev. Gina was led by God to bring her ability to teach the word of God to the world to bring restoration, reconciliation and ultimately salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The mission of “Faith For Today Christian Ministries” is to make an impact in our local community and around the world to empower people to live by faith in God and in the word of God.

It is our mission to empower the believer and unbeliever to learn to read the word of God, to study the word of God and ultimately to practice living the word of God. It will be a ministry “Where We Provide Faith Principles To Empower Godly Living”. The ministry will be a faith-based ministry focusing on our faith in God.